In Home Photography Session Tips

So you’ve decided to do an in home session. There are some great reasons to have your home as your background for your images. Your images will be a lot more personal, as we all spend plenty of time in our home, especially after 2020! This is also a perfect location for winter sessions when it’s to cold to go outside. Here is a short guide to make the most out of your session.

First things first, I recommend tidying up your space. Whichever room you choose to have your session in, your images will look best with a tidy background.

Most home sessions take place in the living room. Take a look around yours. What color are the walls? It’s best to plan outfits around this, especially if your walls are a bold color.

It’s important to let little ones know of my arrival. A few days before our session, start bringing me up. You can call me Faith or just the photographer. You can show them my “about me” page on my website, which features lots of images of me, this way the little ones know what I look like. Doing this helps them get to know me before I even arrive. In turn, that helps them warm up to getting their picture taken by me.

If you follow these quick tips, it will help ensure a smooth session!

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